Stripes On Belt!

Stripes on the BELTS!!!

Stripes on the belt!

White Stripes:

White stripes are for attendance only. This is the breakdown:

•White & Gold Belt – every 5 lessons •Gold Belt Black Stripe & Green Belt – Every 8 lessons •Purple and Blue Belt – Every 10 lessons •Red and Brown Belt – Every 12 lessons •Brown Belt with Black Stripe – every 15 lessons

Black Stripes:

Black Stripes are for advancement. Typically the stripe orders are: 1st one is for kata, 2nd one is for combinations, the 3rd one is for One-Steps and the 4th one is for sparring. Some of the belt requirements are more difficult so we give 2 stripes out for kata and the first two combinations for the 3rd and the third and fourth for the 4th stripe. The fifth stripe would be for one-steps. Here is the breakdown: •White and Gold Belt – 3 Black Stripes •Gold Belt Black stripe to Purple belt – 4 black stripes •Blue Belt – 6 black stripes •Red Belt – 4 black stripes •Brown and Brown with Black Stripe – 6 black stripes.

Red Stripes:

Red stripes are a parent awarded stripe for good behavior at home, school, and any extra curricular events or activities. The student must also be practicing karate , listening to parents, schoolwork, respect for people, and things, basic discipline and all around good citizenship outside of karate. We award the stripes from the 1st to the 7th of every month. Please notify the instructor for the day if you feel your child deserves the stripe.

Gold Stars:

Gold stars are exactly like the red stripes but are awarded to black belts bi-monthly. They are displayed on the lapel of their red uniform.

Green Stripes:

Anyone who attends and competes at a tournament gets a green stripe on their belt!

Gold Stripes:

This is an instructor awarded stripe to anyone who shows a willingness and aptitude for assistant instruction or just helping the other kids in their class. They have to have a good attitude, knowledge of the material and a willingness to help others. All the instructors will be looking at the students to see who is most willing to lend a hand helping students with forms, combinations, one-steps, tournaments, kid’s night out, judging, etc. The assistant helper can come to any class below their belt level to assist to earn the gold stripe. This is a very difficult stripe to earn.

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